Her blend of modern pop electronica, brooding undertones, raw and glitchy sonics and fantastic dynamic payoffs coupled with an easy accessibility and a fresh and vibrant modern vibe is exactly why this futurist pop revival is producing some of the most rewarding music of the moment without having to compromise cult appeal for commercial potential.
— Dancing about architecture - dave franklin
This underground act has already generated almost 5000 plays on Spotify and over 6000 on soundcloud. Reviews have come in from Canada, Sweden and all over the UK.
— The Music Site - Lily Cattell
“After The Storm” is pretty much poetry in the form of music.
— EKM.CO - Eric Robberts
Among the roving fireflies of splintered vermicelli synth-sounds that hang with biodegradable womps and other fluorescent vibrations… comes the holy butter-cream voice of Ava — the flower of the ear…